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Project Title: Litecoinlocal
Status: Active

Litecoinlocal is one of the most well-known Litecoin exchange websites. I was hired to create "Litecoinlocal 2.0" along with a real integrated exchange similar to MtGOX or BTC-e, Litecoinlocal 2.0 was created based on the original code, but converted to use the Laravel framework with a team of 3 coders (at the time) including myself. My main roles included being the lead developer, as well as handling System Administration of the GNU/Linux servers.

PHP MySQL Redis REST JSON API Javascript +jQuery Laravel PHP Framework

Project Title: Atom Windows Builds
Project URL:
Source Code: Github
Status: Active

In early 2014, Atom was released to the public as Open Source by Github. After waiting over a week, there were no Windows builds available, so I took matters into my own hands. It started with a post on my blog, and eventually ended up with a static site using Middleman (the static site generator).

This project involved creating build scripts in python to help automate the process of building my Windows builds of Atom, including: automatically uploading it to MEGA, producing versioning info, and creating an MD5 hash. Middleman read from a JSON file containing the output of the Python build script, and used that information to produce a table of Atom builds.

Middleman SSG Ruby HTML5 + CSS3 Javascript +jQuery Python (build scripts)

Project Title: Coinbet
Status: Under Development

Coinbet is a gambling website similar to Primedice, or Just-dice. It allows a user to gamble several different cryptocurrencies at odds they specify, with fully verifiable bets. The website went through several revisions, the first being in PHP, the second in NodeJS, and finally back to PHP due to performance issues with NodeJS.

PHP MySQL Redis REST JSON API Javascript +jQuery SLiM PHP Framework

Project Title: Cryptotal
Status: Cancelled

Cryptotal was a service designed to allow Dutch citizens to purchase Litecoin quickly and effortlessly using the existing Dutch iDeal system, which allowed a person to transfer money from their bank to the website irreversibly to purchase Litecoins. I was hired as the Lead Developer and System Administrator of the GNU/Linux servers. Due to some issues between management, the project was cancelled, despite being very near completion.

PHP MySQL Javascript + jQuery iDeal Payments Multi-language (English, Dutch, Flemish)

Project Title: BuyBit
Status: Decommissioned and Sold

BuyBIT was a domain registrar that used Namecoin allowing a user to register .BIT domains with a friendly, intuitive interface that was similar to most domain registrars, rather than dealing with the horribly confusing and clunky applications used to manage Namecoin domains at the time. It ran for about a year during 2012, and was sold in 2013 to a buyer on Bitcointalk.

PHP MySQL Javascript + jQuery Namecoin

Project Title: LTC.PE Instawallet
Status: Main Site Decommissioned - Open Source Project is Active
Source Code: Github

The Litecoin Instawallet is an open source project that is used by many cryptocoins to provide instant wallet services to new users. The project started in 2011/2012 with g2x3k starting Wallet.IT.CX, and was restarted in early 2014 as LTC.PE Instawallet with various security improvements over g2x3k's original Instawallet, such as passwords, captchas, and other big changes.

PHP MySQL Javascript + jQuery

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