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Hi! I'm Someguy123, a Web Developer with several years experience

I'm a young developer living in the UK. Most projects I've worked on are Bitcoin or Litecoin based, but I can build a variety of Web Applications and plain-old websites for you. My strong points include PHP, MySQL, and Javascript (inc. jQuery).

I build high quality applications, with a strict standard for security. You will never find any SQL injection exploits or XSS attacks on anything I run. In modern day development, security is a very high priority, as it's very simple for a small mistake to cost your business thousands, to millions of dollars depending on the scale of an attack.

Over the past few years I've worked on a lot of large-sized projects mostly within the Bitcoin and Litecoin community, as-well as contributing open source libraries and applications on my Github.


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If you're interested in hiring me for a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency-related job, I have a lot of experience. I have experience with verifiable gambling websites, high-security wallets for large companies with automated cold wallet systems, with entirely on-site coin handling to avoid the risk of third-parties stealing your coins. While I personally discourage using payment processors such as Coinbase or BitPay, as it destroys the entire purpose of Bitcoin, I do have experience integrating them, and I am happy to create various ecommerce platforms using various Bitcoin payment processors.

Some of my main points of experience include:

Some of my main projects

Project Title: Litecoinlocal
Status: Active

Litecoinlocal is one of the most well-known Litecoin exchange websites. I was hired to create "Litecoinlocal 2.0" along with a real integrated exchange similar to MtGOX or BTC-e, Litecoinlocal 2.0 was created based on the original code, but converted to use the Laravel framework with a team of 3 coders (at the time) including myself. My main roles included being the lead developer, as well as handling System Administration of the GNU/Linux servers.

PHP MySQL Redis REST JSON API Javascript +jQuery Laravel PHP Framework

Project Title: Atom Windows Builds
Project URL:
Source Code: Github
Status: Active

In early 2014, Atom was released to the public as Open Source by Github. After waiting over a week, there were no Windows builds available, so I took matters into my own hands. It started with a post on my blog, and eventually ended up with a static site using Middleman (the static site generator).

This project involved creating build scripts in python to help automate the process of building my Windows builds of Atom, including: automatically uploading it to MEGA, producing versioning info, and creating an MD5 hash. Middleman read from a JSON file containing the output of the Python build script, and used that information to produce a table of Atom builds.

Middleman SSG Ruby HTML5 + CSS3 Javascript +jQuery Python (build scripts)

Project Title: Coinbet
Status: Under Development

Coinbet is a gambling website similar to Primedice, or Just-dice. It allows a user to gamble several different cryptocurrencies at odds they specify, with fully verifiable bets. The website went through several revisions, the first being in PHP, the second in NodeJS, and finally back to PHP due to performance issues with NodeJS.

PHP MySQL Redis REST JSON API Javascript +jQuery SLiM PHP Framework
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